Project Directors

  • Julianne Luong (She/Her)

    Julianne Luong (She/Her)

    Food Justice 

    Major: Environmental Systems Policy

    Minors: Urban Studies and Planning


    I am passionate about all things food: food waste, food justice, sustainable/local food, and making/eating food. My sustainability journey started when I saw how much food waste intuitions like HDH and UCSD produce. I joined the SSC to do something about it, and I've been involved ever since! I enjoy creating resources for students, teaching people about proper waste practices, and pushing people in charge to adopt more sustainable policies.
  • Magali Corona Torres (She/Her)

    Magali Corona Torres (She/Her)


    Major: Urban Studies Planning

    Minor: Environmental Studies 

    I believe that having access to safe and clean water is an inherent human right and a right that other fellow species have as stewards of this planet. In my role as director of Water, I hope to spread awareness on how our individual choices and actions can impact local or abroad water sources, for better or for worse. I am looking forward to doing so through creative social events, giveaways, and local volunteer opportunities that will help students improve their relationship to this precious shared resource and also hold government & UCSD accountable to instill policies that will reflect the urgency to conserve, protect and respect water. 
  • Caren Aguirre (She/Her)

    Caren Aguirre (She/Her)

    Energy and Waste

    Major: Environmental Science

    Minor: Urban Studies and Planning


    Hello! My name is Caren Aguirre and I am a San Diego Native! I am a third year studying Environmental Science with a minor in Urban Planning in Revelle. I joined SSC because I am very passionate about sustainability and community engagement! There are individual actions that we can do to help the planet and that starts with knowledge and access so I try to make waste reduction knowledge as accessible as possible! I do specialty recycling and free refill station pop-ups! But individual action alone isn't enough to solve the climate crisis so I am here to empower you to do actions that do large scale through rallying,  participating in community service work, and understanding policy frameworks all through (hopefully) fun infographics and events!  Feel free to contact me with ideas, concerns, or questions, I am here to help UCSD and San Diego folk <3💚🌾✨

  • Andie Ongaco (She/They)

    Andie Ongaco (She/They)

    Corporate Accountability

    Major: Urban Studies and Planning: Real Estate and Development


    Creating a conversation centered upon corporations and their effect on the environment allows us to learn, analyze, and take action on the injustices and issues surrounding corporations as the leading cause of climate change. Paying closer attention to the UC system's association with big oil, the narrative of transparency within the UC system and UCSD should start with the Climate Action Plan and inspect their efforts into divestments of big oil. As the director of corporate accountability, I push forward that this dialogue expands past words to the daily practices of the individual, like choosing sustainable swaps and amplifying your voice of responsibility of UCSD to move towards more sustainable practices. I will work to bring the Swap-Meet and Upcycling fair throughout the year, encouraging UCSD markets to invest in small sustainable businesses and demanding to improve UCSD's reporting of any efforts contributed to the Climate Action Plan and its needed renewal.
  • Leanne Liaw (She/Her)

    Leanne Liaw (She/Her)

    Public Health 

    Major: Neurobiology and Public Health


    Hello! I'm Leanne, the SSC's Director of Public Health. I initially joined the SSC because I wanted to learn how the UCSD undergraduate community engaged in the intersection between healthcare and sustainability. I especially wanted to engage in this intersection because every living being's chances for optimal quality depends on how their natural environment impacts their health. As Public Health Director, I hope to focus on increasing basic healthcare access to the undergrad (and maybe grad) populations of UCSD while building the SSC's online platform for sustainability education.
  • Sabrina Wu (She/Her)

    Sabrina Wu (She/Her)

    Urban Development and Transportation Justice

    Major: General Biology and Chemical Engineering


    Hello!! I'm Sabrina and the Director of Urban Development and Transportation Justice for this cycle. I joined SSC because I wanted to make a larger impact on the sustainability initiative within our school and make programs that not only promotes the use of public transportations, but also help commuters as a whole. UCSD as a hub where thousands of students and faculty convene daily, generates a significant amount of greenhouse gases, which can be alleviated through small actions such as carpooling and biking. As the Director of Urban Development and Transportation Justice, I hope to raise more awareness on individual's role in transportation-related sustainability and organize events that encourages micro mobility. Feel free to reach out if you have any fun ideas or just want to chat! <3

Administrative Directors

  • Clara Swanson (She/Her)

    Clara Swanson (She/Her)

    Internal Development

    Major: Environmental Systems: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution

    Minors: Urban Studies and Planning


    Within the SSC, my role is to support the other directors and help ensure things run smoothly behind the scenes. I love being able to bring about positive change on campus by helping directors with their projects while working to ensure the SSC is a close-knit community where directors and interns have the knowledge and resources they need to achieve their goals.

  • Alissa Lun (She/Her)

    Alissa Lun (She/Her)

    Internal Development

    Major: General Biology

    Minor: Urban Studies & Planning


    As the Co-Director of Internal Development, I am committed to support my fellow team members at the SSC and working with them to ensure that Tritons can benefit from our service. I take great satisfaction in witnessing positive changes at UCSD and helping my peers become more environmentally conscious!

  • Elyse Kuta (She/Her)

    Elyse Kuta (She/Her)

    External Development

    Major: Environmental Systems: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution


    Hi! I’m Elyse, I’m the Director of External Affairs at the SSC. I joined the SSC to create a more sustainable impact on the community around me and improve the way sustainability is viewed. As someone who has lived internationally, I’ve understood that sustainability is necessary from a young age. This additionally gave me a global and intersectional perspective on what is environmental justice. My mission is to unite my peers in their sustainable endeavors and to provide a voice for the SSC that encompasses that of a diverse group of people while acknowledging the privilege of our community. I want to create an awareness within our community and doing so by taking suggestions from the UCSD community and community of San Diego. Please reach out with any questions or comments!

  • Grace Constantian (She/Her)

    Grace Constantian (She/Her)

    TGIF & Finance    

    Major: Bioinformatics
    Hey Everyone! I am Grace, the Student Sustainability Collectives Director of Finance and The Green Initiative Fund. I am in charge of making sure the SSC's finances are all in order and also managing the Green Initiative Fund. The Green Initiative Fund is a program that supports and funds environmentally sustainable projects at UC San Diego. If you are interested in applying for The Green Initiative Fund email me at
  • Air Kaplan (She/They)

    Air Kaplan (She/They)

    Media and Marketing

    Major: Environmental Systems Policy

    Minor: Marketing


    I have been working with sustainability throughout my whole life, and have found that education is one of the best tools for sustainability. I look to create multiple educational campaigns throughout my time at the SSC in order to achieve my goals of increasing education around sustainability. Another large goal for me is to expand the outreach that the SSC has in order to bring more people into our educational campaigns and working together with us on our projects.

  • Samantha Amantea (She/Her/Ella)

    Samantha Amantea (She/Her/Ella)

    Operations and Resources

    Major: Urban Studies and Planning

    Minor: Environmental Systems Policy and Philosophy


    I joined SSC as a freshman at UCSD looking for a community of people who were just as passionate about sustainability and environmental justice as I was. As a 4th year and Director of Ops and Resources, I now help manage the Sustainability Resource Center in PC that the SSC occupies and assist in planning internal events, keeping our collective organized, supporting other Director's campaigns, and collaborating with on-campus colleges, departments, and organizations on various sustainability projects.