Project Directors

  • Clara Swanson (she/her)

    Clara Swanson (she/her)

    Urban Development and Transportation Justice

    Majors: Environmental Systems

    Minor: Urban Studies and Planning


    I work to promote sustainable development and access to alternative forms of transportation on campus. This year, I hope to increase public awareness on how urban development and transportation relates to sustainability and to increase student access to greener forms of transportation.
  • Julianne Luong (she/her)

    Julianne Luong (she/her)

    Food Justice 

    Major: Environmental Policy

    Minors: Climate Change Studies and Urban Studies and Planning


    I am passionate about improving the way UCSD manages its waste, and lately I have been focused on food waste, due to its connection to the production of GHG if it is not composted. Right now I am running a student composting pilot program that is centered in Seventh College. Besides doing as much composting as I can, this year I want to pursue more partnerships with the Food Pantry and Food Recovery Network, in addition to making vegetarian/ vegan cooking less daunting for students.


  • Juliana Loaiza (she/her)

    Juliana Loaiza (she/her)


    Major: Environmental Systems and Anthropology 

    I want to use my position to communicate with students and other orgs on campus to create a conversation about sustainability and water. I hope to do a beach cleanup, sustainability workshop, and other events this year!! To me, being individually sustainable (which is vastly different from systemic sustainability) means to be conscious and make subtle yet consistent lifestyle changes, which I hope may be influenced by the SSC's work.


  • Caren Aguirre (she/her)

    Caren Aguirre (she/her)

    Energy and Waste

    Major: Environmental Systems


    As Director of Energy and Waste, I focus on helping facilitate waste management on campus through specialty recycling, educational content and promotional events! I am also working on reducing light pollution on campus! As a San Diego local, I think it is important to explore the awesome climate justice initiatives that are happening around the city so I am currently working on promoting them! Feel free to email me with any suggestions, ideas or concerns.

  • Chiara Fields (she/her)

    Chiara Fields (she/her)

    Corporate Accountability

    Major: Environmental Systems- Policy, International Studies- Political Science


    I believe that one of the most essential aspects of effective approaches to achieving Climate Justice is a critical evaluation who contributes most to climate change; corporations. So, I aim to help students realize their change-making ability through their consumer choices and to hold UCSD accountable for its commitment to sustainability. This year, I am developing projects that will increase the transparency of UCSD's sustainable practices and Climate Action Plan progress, as well as increasing the among of fair trade products sold in the markets. I am also planning a bi-weekly up-cycling/arts and crafts fair that provides students an opportunity to buy from local/student businesses and reuse or donate goods that might otherwise end up in landfills.

  • Alexia Lopez (she/her)

    Alexia Lopez (she/her)

    Public Health 

    Major: Public Health, Concentration in Epidemiology

    Minor: General Biology


    My role is to prompt efforts towards sustainable solutions through a public health lens. Through organizing and planning programs, I aim to collaborate with various other student organizations in supporting UC San Diego’s students' health and well being.

  • Samantha Amantea (she/her)

    Samantha Amantea (she/her)

    Civil and Human Rights 

    Major: Environmental Policy 


    Historically, the voices of marginalized communities have been excluded from mainstream discussions and policy decisions in regards to sustainability and environmental efforts, yet are often the most environmentally burdened groups. In my work here at the SSC I hope to bring more opportunities for civic engagement and opportunities for education around sustainability efforts to our communities on campus. Previous projects have looked like brining professors and activists groups like Border Angels together to be on a panel and have a conversation with students about immigration, continuing projects include a volunteer fair for students to meet with on and off campus groups/non-profits/orgs, creating a student spotlight on our social media page to engage the wider UCSD community, and building stronger ties with other groups on campus like the Women’s Center, Black Resource Center, LGBT Resource Center, Intertribal Resource Center, UCSD GND, etc.!

Administrative Directors

  • Suleyma Villa (she/her)

    Suleyma Villa (she/her)

    Internal Development

    Major:Public Health: Health Policy and Management Sciences

    Minors: Global Health


    I plan to work on public health projects which emphasize a social justice lens and sustainability.

  • Leanne Liaw (she/her)

    Leanne Liaw (she/her)

    Internal Development

    Major: Neurobiology and Public Health (concenctration: Medicine Sciences)


    I hope to increase access to sustainability and help provide ways for how students can incorporate sustainable practices in a way that betters their daily lives. As co-director of internal development, I hope to assist all sustainability campaigns in any way I can while fostering long-lasting bonds among the members of the SSC.

  • Carlos Gonzalez (he/him)

    Carlos Gonzalez (he/him)

    External Development

    Major: Public Health

    Minor: Environmental Studies


  • Alissa Lun (she/her)

    Alissa Lun (she/her)

    TGIF & Finance    

    Major: Biology    
    I review and approve funding requests from various sustainability projects on campus!


  • Miriam Lopez (she/her)

    Miriam Lopez (she/her)

    Media and Marketing

    Major: Political Science and Ethnic Studies

    Minor: Environmental Science 


    My goal as co-director is to help promote the SSC, along with the campaigns of other directors! 

  • Ceyla Iseri (she/her)

    Ceyla Iseri (she/her)

    Media and Marketing

    Major: Psychology

    Minor: Sociology


    I hope to use social media and outreach to promote SSC, our projects, and sustainability, working with the community!

  • Heidy Ramon (she/her)

    Heidy Ramon (she/her)

    Operations and Resources

    Major: Global Health

    Minor: Human Development


    As a director I manage the insides of the SRC. Working on bringing back the Farmers Markets on to Campus! Trying to bring forth Fronteras Saludables to bring health awareness across borders and offer health relief and guidance for well-being.