Winona LaDuke and Van Jones on “Zero Injustice: Redefining Sustainability”

Time: Monday, April 22nd, 2013 7:00 pm
Location: UCSD Price Center Ballroom East
Too often has sustainability been reduced to clean technologies and business practices. So what do genuine sustainability practices and policies look like? Join Winona LaDuke, Van Jones, and Leslie Lewis for a lecture on redefining sustainability as the movement that addresses both environmental destruction and social inequality. Be a part of the discussion that stresses the importance of committing to zero injustice in order to move towards a healthier planet.

Content of the panel

This year, UCSD’s Earth Week is themed “Making zero a reality.” In honor of this theme, the Student Sustainability Collective decided to address the the social injustices that allow environmental issues to thrive. In other words, we see this event as an opportunity to talk back to the sustainability discourses that often omit the inequity aspect of environmental injustice.

We have invited Leslie Lewis, a brilliant professor in the Urban Studies Department, to moderate the event. We plan on allotting 20 minutes of lecture time to both Winona and Van (for a total of 40 minutes). Leslie Lewis will moderate and facilitate a conversation between Winona and Van and then entertain a Q+A from the audience.
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