Join the Student Sustainability Collective for a three day event series examining the social and environmental conditions under which our food is produced, distributed, sold and consumed. We will consider the regional, national and global linkages in our food system, and how the food system affects our health, our environment and our communities.

Food Week will explore these themes and how we, as students, can help build a more just and joyful food system.


Tuesday, April 15th

— 11am-2pm: Go Bananas for Fair Trade! (Library Walk)

 People go bananas when bananas hand out bananas dipped in chocolate. Stop by and enjoy a fair trade banana dipped in chocolate to celebrate the commencement of the Student Sustainability Collectives Food Week! We will give you the scoop on what’s happening throughout the week at our table. Delicious learning opportunities and delicious sustainable food will be available all week if you come to our events!

— 2-3pm: Sustainable Tasty Tuesday (The Zone)

Do you enjoy cooking or want to learn how to make a quick and delicious recipe? Come join the Student Health Advocates in the kitchen as they create some scrumptious Kitchen Sink Quesadillas using local ingredients while also sharing some key nutrition facts! As a special treat, UCSD’s very own Dietician, Christine McNamara, will be in attendance to answer your questions regarding organic foods, GMOs, and eating foods in season. Samples will be available after the presentation!

— 5-6pm: Workshop- Food Justice with the Cross Cultural Center (the SRC)

Join us for an interactive dialogue on geopolitics and access to healthy foods. We will discuss food distribution, its regulation and how we can be healthy, justice oriented eaters.

— 6:15-7pm: Workshop- Food Mileage (the SRC)

Do you know how far your last meal traveled? This workshop will elaborate on the dangers of long-distance food transport that affect your health and the environment as a whole. Come discover the benefits of buying local food!

— 6:30-9:30pm Food Inc. Screening and Discussion with Dr. Leslie Lewis (the Hump, in front of Main Gym)

What better way to spend a San Diego night learning and watching a movie beneath the stars! Join us in viewing and discussing “Food, Inc.”, an eye-opening (and gut-wrenching) documentary that critically examines the unsafe and unhealthy practices prevalent in the agriculture industry. You won’t want to miss out on this learning opportunity as we will be looking at the policy and corporatization that has really detrimented the food we put in our stomachs. Before the movie, our beloved Dr. Leslie Lewis from the Urban Studies & Planning department will introduce us to the problems within our food systems.  Popcorn and other refreshments provided!

Wednesday, April 16th

— 2-3pm: Workshop- Water you Eating?! (Thurgood Marshall College Room)

Did you know that 92% of the water we use everyday comes from the food we eat? This includes water used to produce, transport, package and distribute all the ingredients that end up on our plate. Learn more about the impacts of our industrialized food system on California’s limited water supply and be a part of the solution!

— 3-5 pm: Food Worker Panel (Eleanor Roosevelt College Room)

— 4-5pm: Workshop- Beyond the Plate (the SRC)

Remember the last meal you ate at the dining hall on campus? It’s time to think about where that food came from! Come hear about how the food system directly impacts YOU and all UCSD students and learn about existing alternatives for more socially responsible food sourcing on and off campus. Yummy snacks will accompany the workshop!

— 6:30-9pm: Black Gold Documentary Screening and Discussion (Earl Warren College Room)

Join the SSC for a film screening of Black Gold. This documentary follows the general manager of an Ethiopian coffee farmer cooperative union as he visits all the links along the chain of production, from farms to processing centers to auctions, and tries to eliminate the middleman to get the best possible price for the union’s coffee beans. The film will give you an insight into the trade of commodities and how prices set in a trading floor in New York impact farmers in Ethiopia. Stick around after the film for a discussion on the Fair Trade System. Light refreshments will be provided.

Thursday, April 17th

— 2:30-5pm: Organizing for Justice Along the Food Chain Panel (Eleanor Roosevelt College Room)

The food industry is now heavily consolidated in the hands of just a few corporations, who perpetuate the unequal distribution of nutritious and natural foods and continue to churn out the heavily processed foods that we have come to recognize. What is perhaps lesser discussed in mainstream narratives is the system of cheap labor on which the food industry now depends to produce its enormous profits. Food chain workers, those who work to produce, distribute, prepare and serve our food, are some of the lowest-paid workers in the U.S., and suffer from weak labor protections and hazardous workplaces.

Join the SSC for a panel with organizers from the Food Chain Workers Alliance, the Student Farmworker Alliance and Real Food Challenge to learn about current food worker organizing efforts, and how students can show support and solidarity.

— 3:30-4:30pm: Workshop- Food Politics with SJP (Green Table Room)

How is food a part of your identity? How does your consumption and choice of food affect the world around you? Join Students for Justice in Palestine and the Student Sustainability Collective for a workshop that will explore the role of food in politics, identity, society, and the environment with a focus on Palestine and Israel.

— 7:45-9pm: Final Banquet- Take Action! (Comunidad Room)

We’ve learned so much this week- now it’s time to put those ideas to action! Join the Student Sustainability Collective for a final workshop on how YOU can make a difference to our food system on both a local and national level. Catering by Sipz Vegetarian Restaurant will be provided!

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