Development and Transportation

Cycling for Commuters Workshop Series – providing tips and hands-on lessons to those who want to feel more comfortable commuting by bike; includes workshops taught by community members, students, and UCSD staff.

Transition Town Workgroup – a community-based effort to share skills and collectively learn how to live with less environmental impact and oil-dependency; will include a peer-led workshop series, film screenings, and urban homesteading efforts.

Human Peace Symbol at UCSD – as show of support for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, UCSD students, staff, and faculty created a human peace symbol on Sun God lawn on November 19th, 2009.

Personalized Public Transit Routes for Hillcrest Medical Center Staff – a work in progress to provide all staff and faculty at the UCSD Hillcrest Medical Center with a personalized public transit route for commuting to work in order to decrease the number of cars driven to the campus and negate the need to rebuild the Arbor parking structure.

Sandag Mid-Coast Corridor Trolley Project – Learn more.