Transportation Justice Committee at UC San Diego

A) Charge of the Committee

The Transportation Justice Committee shall cultivate and sustain a healthy and flourishing bicycle culture and active transportation system at UC San Diego. The committee shall respond to student input related to bicycle paths and bicycle parking needs. Finally, the committee shall advocate for improved bicycle system within and around UCSD, and shall take all reasonable steps to increase student, staff, faculty, and administration awareness of bicycle system issues.


B) Voting Membership:

  1. UCSD Transportation Justice Committee Chair

  2. ASUCSD MOVES Assistant Director for Active Transportation

  3. Two Student Sustainability Collective Representatives (2)

  4. Undergraduate representative to the Urban Studies and Planning Club

  5. Any two (2) current registered undergraduate UCSD student who, after attending two (2) prior consecutive meetings, demonstrate an interest are eligible for appointment by the Transportation Justice Committee Chair.


C) Non-Voting Membership:

  1. ASUCSD MOVES Director

  2. Two (2) undergraduate representatives to the Transportation Policy Committee

  3. Graduate Students Association representative to the Transportation Policy Committee

  4. Representative of the Office of Physical and Community Planning

  5. Representative of  UCSD Transportation Services

  6. Representative of Facilities Management

  7. Representative of the Sustainable Programs Office

  8. Representative from the All Campus Commuter Board (ACCB)

  9. Representative from the UCSD Bike & Skate Shop


D) Duties of Voting Members:

  1. All members shall regularly attend meetings of committee.


E) Committee Leadership:

  1. The Chair shall be selected by a majority vote of the Student Sustainability Collective and shall serve a term of one (1) academic year.


F) Duties of the Chairperson:

  1. Hold a minimum of three (3) weekly office hours in the SRC.

  2. Facilitate meetings of the committee.

  3. Coordinate between members of the committee and oversee development of committee projects between committee meetings.


G) Frequency of meetings:

  1. The UCSD Transportation Justice Committee shall meet at a minimum of once per calendar month or as deemed necessary by the Chair. The date and times of the meeting shall be set by the Chair of the Committee with approval of the voting members.


H) Authorized Expenditure of Transportation Justice Committee Funds:

  1. Public awareness and education activities (including, but not limited to, advertising, event planning, workshops, lobbying, and promotions) shall be limited to no more than $2,000.00 per year.

  2. The Transportation Justice Committee Chair stipend shall not exceed $2,400 in a year for compensation of $80 per week during the academic year.

  3. All funds, excluding public awareness activities (see section H.1) and the Chair’s stipend (see section H.2), shall be allocated exclusively to capital improvements to the bicycle system. $5,000 shall be available for capital improvements and will be used for the following: upgrades or additions to bicycle paths, upgrades or additions to bicycle parking, improved pedestrian and bicycle crossings, and projects which promote and facilitate bicycle use on campus.

  4. Capital projects must be planned in coordination with the necessary campus entity including but not limited to: the Office of Physical and Community Planning, Facilities Management, and Transportation Services.

  5. Funds not used in any given year will be reallocated back into the SSC general fund unless a larger capital investment is planned. A proposal must be approved by a vote of the SSC for such an investment or justification of roll-over funds.