The SSC Presents: BEYOND BORDERS – A series on the social and environmental impacts of borders.

Panel: A Borderless World? -A collaboration with IAG
MONDAY, 1/14 at 6:45pm (Panel starts at 7), The Great Hall
Despite the rhetoric of a globalized, barrier-free world, it is increasingly evident that we do not live in a borderless world. Join us for an evening of critical dialogue as we explore the environmental disasters and social inequality that follow the construction of borders. Our panelists compel us to ask: why are we so loyal to borders?
Panelists: Professor Jose Fuste, Franco Garcia from the Environmental Health Coalition, and PhD Student Lila Sharif (Ethnic Studies, Sociology)
Refreshments will be served. Panel starts at 7pm

Film Screening: El Muro
TUESDAY, 1/15 at 7:30pm, PC Theater
“El Muro”, an independent film from Director Greg Rainoff, showcases the social and environmental impacts of the US-Mexico Border Wall. As As Rainoff describes, “I started a film about birds and it became about human rights.” The film especially focuses on the Tijuana Estuary and the consequences of the Real ID Act of 2005 which gave the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to waive any local, state, or federal laws that impede the construction of the border wall including all environmental regulations and impact reports.

Our City Though the Wire
THURSDAY, 1/17 at 5:00pm, PC West Ballroom
City Development has often been a root of segregation and used to
create disenfranchisement of communities. We shall be exploring those dynamics and discussing how the notion of “ghettos” represent the imbalances of power and have speakers present on de-constructing what “ghettos” represent and how it can be reclaimed. We shall also be having dialogue through the use of video and imagery to initiate conversation.

Femmicide Next Door
FRIDAY, 1/18 at 12:00pm, Women’s Center
In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a bordertown next to El Paso, Texas, serial murderers of young women have been claiming hundreds to thousands of lives without receiving proper investigation or media attention on either side of the border. We will watch clips from documentaries on the subject and discuss the roles of the border and gender in these murders.

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