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Have a paper on sustainability?  Wish you could do something more than just hand it to a TA for grading? Now you can!  The SSC’s Sustainability Publication: Student Sustainability Perspectives (SSP) is a place for you to share your work with students, staff, faculty and community members.

To submit work, simply email your paper to  Make sure you include your name!

Check out this list of Student Organizations!

Social and Environmental Justice Student Organizations

Alternative Transportation

Biofuels Action and Awareness

Working towards sustainable fuel. Built a biodiesel processor with A.S., G.S.A., Sunrise Rotary Club, and private funding, which uses waste from Canyon Vista dining hall. BAAN also pursues educational efforts to the UCSD community and Preuss School. Also pursuing the Greenline Project where buses at UCSD will eventually be 100% biodiesel!

Working for the political and social interests of students in California. Focusing primarily on the issues of Global Warming, Textbook costs, Health Care, Ocean Protection, Voter Registration, Public Transit, and Hunger and Homelessness.


Greeks Gone

The purpose of Greeks Gone Green is to raise awareness of environmental issues within the Greek Community and to work with other environmental organizations.

Human and Earth Rights

To inform students about human impacts on the environment and ways to live a more environmentally/socially conscious lifestyle. Current campaigns include fundraising for UNFP and organizing Bike Kitchens to promote a culture for bike riding as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Roots and

Join the Roots & Shoots global network to promote awareness and alleviate problems in the three areas of Roots & Shoots: people, animals, and the environment.



To promote a composting program for the UCSD campus by collaborating with students and staff effectively diverting waste from landfills making the campus food systems more sustainable.

The Sustainable Food Project | |

The mission of the SFP is to create and enhance student awareness and involvement in the creation of a more sustainable campus food system at UCSD.  We see a vibrant sustainable food community at UCSD based around the Urban Farm and an appreciation for healthful and sustainably produced food. This is a community that encourages participation in and educates the university community about sustainable living through the growing of food.

The Neighborhood Community Garden |

The Neighborhood Community Garden is a student run collective which manages a gardening space on the UCSD campus (specifically behind the Che Cafe Co-op).  The collective was founded in 2008, initially throught the Roots & Shoots organization in UCSD, but then emerged independently.

The Vegetarian Environmentalist Group hopes to emphasize the link between vegetarianism and environmentalism by exploring the adverse affects of the meat business on the planet’s resources. We hope to represent this commonly overlooked environmental issue on campus while providing vegetarian environmentalists with a social network.

Human Rights and Social Justice

Amnesty International at UCSD

Educate students and community about human rights and human rights violations worldwide, then act against those violations.

Student for Justice in Palestine |

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and community members centered at the University of California, San Diego and organized in accordance with democratic principles to promote justice, human rights, and the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people.

Global Environmental

Global Environmental Brigades (GEB) is a secular, socially conscious network of volunteers that travel to developing countries to mitigate ecological degradation and develop sustainable environmental practices. GEB is currently working in Panama, one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, and also home to many groups of indigenous people who have directly lived off the land for centuries. The organization empowers college students with an educational and hands-on experience abroad to develop strategic environmental solutions in cooperation with local communities and organizations.

Raising awareness about the global issue of child sex trafficking in Southeast Asia and San Diego. We plan to raise funds to support this excellent organization and advocate for the children exploited in the sex industry across the world.

Migrant Rights
We, Migrant Rights Awareness are determined to foster change in our community so that all people regardless of immigration status are guaranteed absolute access to equal rights and opportunities and are perceived as being deserving of the same.

One Earth One

One Earth One Justice is an active social justice group that raises awareness to environmental and social injustices and empowers people with opportunities to create change. Current campaigns include expanding of Fair Trade Certified items on campus and investing in microfinance.

Schools for |

Schools 4 Schools is an affiliate of the international nonprofit organization Invisible Childrenwhich lobbies and raises awareness about the situation in Northern Uganda. For the past 24 years, a man named Joseph Kony has been kidnapping over 30,000 children and making them fight in his civil war. The UCSD chapter of Schools 4 Schools raises money for our sister school Sacred Heart Secondary School in Gulu, Uganda providing them with essential books, water, housing, and protection.

Student Worker

As the service workers at UCSD fight for living wages and conditions, organizers from Kamalayan Kollective and M.E.C.h.A formed the Student Worker Collective to support and join this fight. This academic year is their contract year and we must mobilize to help them earn the rights that they deserve!

Students Take Action Now:

To bring awareness about the crisis in Darfur to the UCSD campus and raise funds to send to aid agencies.

Voces y

Our goal is to form an international collaborative effort that will address the health needs of the marginalized people of Rabinal, Guatemala, while simultaneously educating UCSD students about global health inequalities.

Arusha Project |

The Arusha Project is a nonprofit organization promoting HIV/AIDS-relief and gender equality in Tanzania. We connect volunteers with projects in East Africa that make real differences in people’s lives. Volunteers opportunities range from medical, microfinance, teaching, permaculture, and more! Other opportunities welcome in San Diego to fight HIV/AIDS.


The N.I.C.E |

The Northwest Institute for Community Enrichment unites grassroots leaders and community partners to create, define, and maintain proactive and entrepreneurial solutions to climate change.

The Trek to Re-Energize America |

The mission of The Trek to Re-Energize America is to build a united popular movement to demand serious action from our elected officials on climate change, to inspire sustainable change at the individual level, to increase media attention on the issue, and to support individual communities in their struggles for a more just, sustainable and prosperous future.

Association of Environmental

Seeks to promote student involvement in a professional organization in order to network in, gain awareness of, and integrate with environmental fields.


Social and Environmental Sustainability Committee

An open space for students concerned with or interested in becoming involved with social and environmental sustainability activism, a voice in student government, a committee to create and execute campaigns of sustainability realized by the UCSD community, and a coalition of social and environmental organizations.

Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability

Apply at: to represent your fellow undergraduate students on a committee of students, staff, and faculty in the area of sustainability!


Student-run, non-profit  cooperatives, volunteer opportunities

Che Café – Across Stonehenge

Food Co-op – Student Center

General Store – Student Center

Groundwork Books – Student Center