So you’re a student org, and you want to get your feet wet with sustainability.  Or maybe your entire org is devoted to sustainability and you want to get connected with the SSC.  Whatever your needs are, the SSC is here for you!

Having an event?

The SSC has tons of resources to help Student Organizations be as green as they can at their events.

Event Consultation: let the SSC help you make your event as green as possible through our event consultation service. We’ll meet with you to discuss your event all the way from marketing, promotion, execution and clean up.  From recycled paper flyering to composting for your event, we can help you be as sustainable as possible!

For more information about consultation, simply email us at

Dishware Rental: rather than using disposable paper plates, plastic cups, and throw-away utensils, the SSC offers a totally FREE dishware rental program.  Check out our inventory, and get reusable dishes for your event today!

Let’s get together!

Sustainability Student Organizations are encouraged to become affiliated with the SSC.  Details about the benefits of the Affiliates program coming soon!

Reserve the SRC

Need a place to meet?  The SRC is a great place to hold meetings, have small film screenings, do workshops, and anything in between.  Click Here for more information about reserving the space.