CSSC Fall Convergence, click the flier to register!

Since 2001 the California Student Sustainability Coalition has been a prominent and vocal leader in the effort to bring sustainability to the universities of California.  What began as a small organization spread amongst the UC’s incredibly dedicated to bettering UC policy has grown to be a nationally recognized name in the sustainability movement, helping to empower students across the state to stand up and speak.

Beginning in 2005 the CSSC has presented convergences packed full of students from across the state interested and involved in the present day’s struggles and triumph.  The very first convergence was a grand ol’ time hosting a small gathering of students for workshops, great food, and wise presentations.  Since then they have grown in mass, style, and message.  Last spring the SSC collaborated with the CSSC to host the 8th Annual Spring Sustainability Convergence, which brought in 300 students from as far north as Chico to enjoy great speeches, student led workshops, local organic food, and a concert that had everyone’s hips tired but happy.  The convergence was the ultimate in collaborative efforts and left an incredible bond between the students who attended which has carried through the summer in the form of the Power Vote campaign against Prop 23 and the forthcoming 9th Annual Fall Sustainability Convergence on October 15 – 17 at UC Santa Barbara.

Power Vote and the CSSC click on the image for more info!

The spring convergence focused on the intricate connection between social and environmental justice, this fall it is all about clean energy.  With the elections a mere month away and voter registration ending on October 18 this convergence is chalk full of action, fun, information, and empowerment.  A special Get Out The Vote workshop series will be run through the weekend helping students learn the skills necessary to register students to vote, rally students to vote, and spread information on the Dirty Energy Bill, Prop 23.  Perhaps most exciting is the union with Communities United to present the “Clean Energy Tour,” a concert series running through the straight raising awareness and gathering support.  Registration is a mere $20 which includes 4 vegan, local, organic meals, a place to sleep, and an amount of fun that cannot possibly be paralleled.

The SSC is especially excited for this convergence not only because we aren’t the sole organizers and volunteers, but because it will be a weekend to remember, one which will gather unprecedented momentum in the fight against Proposition 23.   And thus, we invite you to join us as we trek up to UC Santa Barbara to camp, learn, bond, and create change.

by Jared A Muscat