Winter 2017 TGIF Application is available here:

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About TGIF at the SSC

In Winter 2009, the students at UC San Diego approved the Sustainability Referendum thereby increasing undergraduate student fees in order to provide funding for both the Student Sustainability Collective and The Green Initiative Fund.

Our Mission Statement: The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that reduce UC San Diego’s negative impact on the environment and to make UC San Diego more sustainable in both the social and environmental sense. The goal is to enable and empower students to take an active role in making UC San Diego a leader in sustainability by bringing solutions and ideas to as much of the UCSD community as possible.


  • TGIF funds are intended for use for on-campus projects, but exceptions may be made for off-campus projects that have a strong sustainable focus and a tangible impact on UCSD. Any such exceptions are at the discretion of the Grant-making committee.

  • Projects must have a clearly-defined, measurable outcome to promote environmental and/or social sustainability on UCSD’s campus.

  • Project proposals may ONLY be submitted by currently enrolled undergraduate UCSD students or on behalf of student organizations that have significant undergraduate involvement. Outside organizations, staff, and faculty may not apply. However, students are encouraged to apply in collaboration with faculty and/or staff advisors to help with project implementation.

  • Projects must have significant undergraduate student involvement. Significant undergraduate involvement entails that no less than 75% of the team actively working on the project must be UCSD undergraduate students. It is preferred that the working team is comprised entirely of currently enrolled UCSD undergraduate students.


  • Projects must have received all necessary written approval by appropriate campus officials prior to consideration.

  • TGIF will not support projects already mandated by law or UCSD policy directive (e.g., standards for new building construction), since UCSD is already obliged to allocate funds for such projects. TGIF will fund projects which go above and beyond minimum requirements.

  • It is preferred that technical projects requiring the purchase and use of technical products and/or possible toxins have an experienced advisor. The advisor should be involved in the project from the time of application through the time of completion. The Grant-making committee may decide if an advisor is required for the project.


  • All projects shall have a mechanism for evaluation and follow-up after funding has been dispersed. At minimum, a project plan must include a report made to the Grant-making Committee after successful (or unsuccessful) implementation. If a project is expected to have on-going benefits such as annual cost savings, the project plan must include a mechanism for tracking, recording, and reporting these benefits back to the Grant-making Committee on an annual (or more frequent) basis.

  • Projects that are granted TGIF funding are required to present their work at the 2016-2017 TGIF Symposium and Banquet to be held in Spring Quarter. This presentation is mandatory. Failure to attend and present will negatively affect the organization’s and/or individual’s chances of receiving funding from TGIF in the future.


  • The Green Initiative Fund CANNOT finance travel, labor, or events.

  • The Green Initiative Fund CANNOT finance any purchases made over summer.

  • The Green Initiative Fund CAN fund items used for projects that meet the above criteria. Please contact the TGIF Director of the SSC with questions regarding specific items that can/cannot be funded.