The Student Sustainability Collective’s Affiliate Program is designed to facilitate collaboration with organizations that share the goal of sustainability through social and environmental justice. Through the creation of the Affiliate Program, the SSC seeks to strengthen existing partnerships with departments and groups that are working toward environmental care and social responsibility. The aim of the program is to empower the campus community and expedite the sharing of resources.


Affiliation Levels

Being an affiliate of the Student Sustainability Collective may be decided at two different levels based on the group’s historical and current relationship with the SSC:

  • Student Partner Organization Affiliates have applied for affiliation and are under a one-year preliminary period
  • Core Affiliates are departments, groups, and organizations that have maintained a relationship (at least one year) with the SSC.



Official Affiliates receive priority for SRC space reservations, co-sponsorship (funding) of events, and advertising with the SSC.

Student Partner Organization Affiliates Student Core Organization Affiliates Departmental, Faculty & Staff Association Affiliates
  • Ability to apply for event SSC co-sponsorship (at least $150)
  • Ability to reserve a single series of meetings and (up to two) special events during the academic year
  • Link to group’s website from SSC website
  • Highest priority to all benefits afforded to Pre-Affiliates
    Ability to apply for event SSC co-sponsorship (at least $200)
  • Priority reservations in the SRC space
  • Ability to reserve (up to two) series of meetings and (up to four) special events in the SRC during the academic year
  • SSC staff assistance with event/program planning
  • Sustainability workshops hosted by SSC staff
  • Ability to reserve the SRC Student Space on a weekly basis for meetings/office hours
  • Ability to have department’s/association’s events advertised in bi-weekly newsletter (and on website if requested)

*Event co-sponsorship with the SSC provides the following benefits:

  • monetary sponsorship
  • event planning collaboration
  • room reservations, if necessary
  • publicity support

Click here for the SSC Affiliate Event Co-Sponsorship Application


Expectations and Responsibilities

Affiliates receive a great deal of support from the Student Sustainability Collective. In upholding their responsibilities as Affiliates, groups, organizations and faculty/departments demonstrate the same support of the work put in by the SSC. The affiliate relationship creates an environment of collaboration so as to foster the empowerment of all community members at the University.

Student Partner Organization Affiliates Student Core Organization Affiliates Departmental, Faculty & Staff Association Affiliates
  • Send (at least one) representative to all Affiliate meetings (organization will be notified in advance)
  • Meet directly with an SSC Director or Assistant Director annually
  • Follow SRC facility usage policies
  • Re-sign the SSC Affiliate agreement each academic year
  • All of the expectations of Student partner Organization Affiliates
  • Co-sponsor (at least one) event with the SSC annually
  • Meet directly with an SSC Director or Assistant Director quarterly
  • Design and implement a workshop annually addressing intersectionality through the lens of the org’s objective
  • Send at least one representative to the bi-annual affiliate retreats
  • Hold a program or Office Hours at the SSC at least twice per year
  • Collaborate with the SSC on a program/ event annually
  • Advertise SSC programs through listservs where appropriate
  • Attend (at least one) SSC meeting or event annually
  • Co-advertise a public lecture/class with the SSC annually
  • Allow an SSC Director or Assistant Director to speak to your class (at least once) annually


Become an Affiliate!

We encourage any student, staff or faculty organization that is in alignment with the Student Sustainability Collective’s mission and vision (O.N.E. E.A.R.T.H. Philosophy) to apply to become an Affiliate. By becoming an Affiliate, you or your group makes a commitment to working with the SSC toward social and environmental justice. If you’re interested in working with us, simply follow the steps below!

· 1: Fill out an Affiliate Application,  and email it to
· 2: Set up a time to meet with an SSC Director
· 3: Complete a preliminary period of one year as a Student Partner Organization (once approved by SSC staff)