Projects Funded By The Green Initiative Fund



Project Title Funding Approved
The Algae Project $311.60
Waste to Energy $964.00
Sustainability & Education Projects (Roger’s Garden) $7,406.27
Cutting out the AC $850
Ambient Heat Engine $3,713
Biofuels Production/Analysis & Green Chemistry Research $4,255.40
Learning Landscape $742.95
Ellie’s Garden Expansion $1,819.00
Bottles to Models $7,696.19
Outback Adventures Energy & Waste Reduction $2,426
Study for Sustainability $2,556
UCSD Global Pavilion $6,011.75
Solar Chill $20,500


Project Title Funding Approved
Pepper Canyon Farm $800
Biofuels Research and Production $615
Waste to Energy $578
Solar Chill $6,000
Bringing Education to Roger’s Community Garden $8,560
Outback Adventures Rental Shop Washer/Dryer Retrofit $3,433.20


Project Title Funding Approved
Che Cafe Renovations $35,000
Preuss Composting Bins $650
Solar Slider V2 $1,424
ESW Waste to Energy $1,508
Reconfiguration of Second Life Batteries $2,781
Smart Garden $1,030
Ellie’s Garden Expansion $1,800
Solar RC Plane $486.07

Spring 2011-2012

Project Title Amount Funded
UCSD Disorientation Manual (New Indicator Collective) $1,500
Report on Privatization (New Indicator Collective) $1,765
Thailand Water and Energy Project-Irrigation (ESW) $613
Preuss Bottle Bench (ESW) $3,085
Biodiesel Refinery Project Pilot Plant (BAAN) $10,355.14
UCSD Outback Surf Shop Lighting Replacements (Green Campus) $2,700

Fall 2011-2012

Project Title Amount Funded
UC Box Art Project $2,000
Neighborhood Community Garden Compost Integration (ESW) $483.89
Thailand Purification Project (ESW) $493.86
Marshall Garden (ACT/SCORE) $7,876.50
Bottle Brick Bench (ESW) $1,800
Solar Shade (IDEA) $500
Biofuels Awareness and Action Network (BAAN) Refinery Plant $19,730.84
Thailand Bioenergy Project (ESW) $1,400
Aquaponics Project (ESW) $2,800
Books for Prisoners (Groundworks Books) $700


Project Title Amount Funded
Biofuels Awareness and Action Network (BAAN) Dry Wash Project $2,664.40
Coffee Diesel $896.50
Food Co-op Energy and Water Use Reduction $568.95
Formula Hybrid $34,700
Human Powered Vehicle $2,123.33
Neighborhood Community Garden $4,889.17
Sunshine Market Night Covers (Green Campus) $1,025.00
Thailand Irrigation Project (Engineers for a Sustainable World) $500
Thailand Purification Team (Engineers for a Sustainable World) $500
Smart Living at UCSD $400
Trash Can Art Beautification Project $2,300
UCSD Natural History Guide $412.20
W.O.R.M. Composting Bin $438.19
ReRev-ASUCSD/UCSP Athletics $7,500
Undergraduate Scientific Glass Blowing Workshop (BAAN) $1345.84
Shower Timers $988.35
Food Co-op Retrofit (UCSD Food Co-op) $1,160.50
Solar Charging Station (Engineers for a Sustainable World) [ESW] $1,424.00
Preuss Rain Barrel and Table (ESW) $500
Aquaponics Project (ESW) $700
Wastewater Treatment (Society of Structural Engineers) $169.88

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