A critical part of the SSC message is the intricate link between the matters of sustainability as related to the earth and its inhabitants, the people.  Perhaps no category more embodies this fact than the category of food…and that is evident in the many multi faceted efforts related to food on the UCSD Campus.

A small sample in the diversity of efforts can be seen in the new Fair Trade Policy being implemented across the campus  thanks to the work of Chris Westling, Rachel Grey, Erin Brodwin, Rishi Gosh, Yuki Marakomi, and others while 4 spaces are designated for food growth and are being developed into campus fixtures thanks to groups such as The Neighborhood Community Garden, The Sustainable Food Project, and the Native Plant Garden.  Furthermore, thanks to efforts from The Real Food Challenge, in 2009 the UC System passed a UC wide policy to bring 20% real (sustainable) food into our schools by 2020; with the strong efforts of the SSC staff, UCSD is bumping that percentage up while decreasing the years of wait. All of this is said without mentioning the efforts of such organizations as P.E.A.C.E and the Food Co-op to bring the UCSD community quality, organic, and vegan/vegetarian food.


Systems of Consumption

– Fair Trade

– Food Justice