Energy and waste are, in some ways, the most obvious ways in which we affect our environment every day.  Not only do we use energy and create waste as part of our daily lives, but we are also very directly and uniquely in control of our own energy and waste processes.  At the SSC, we ask that you take a good hard look not only at your own personal energy and waste, but also how you fit into the bigger picture.  Energy and waste provide opportunities for both technical and grassroots development, from changing your personal behavior to researching and developing green alternative energies.

What are we up to?  Here’s a list of current and past projects developed, planned and executed by the Energy and Waste team at the SSC:


Have an idea for an E&W project?  Looking for ways to get involved in engineering, alternative energies, policy change, student and community outreach, recycling or anything else E&W?  We’re always looking for students to join our team!


Report Wasted Energy Use – do you ever walk around campus at night and think: “why the heck are those lights on?!”  Well, now you can report wasteful energy use to the SSC, who will report and investigate anything from lights to tv’s to anything else that takes power. Tell us what you see here.

Green Encyclopedia – create an encyclopedia of sustainability efforts on campus, student, staff and faculty.  Compile this information into an annual report and an easily accessible website for students, staff, faculty, and community members to access and learn from.

Are you part of a student org?  Contribute to our Encyclopedia here!

Reusable Dishware Service– Brand New! Rent reusable dishware in their events to reduce waste and promote sustainability in events all over campus.

Learn more about our program or rent dish ware.

Waste Data Collection – working with UCSD’s Facilities Management to create an efficient, effective and centralized location for waste reporting to create more accountability and better data on how UCSD’s waste diversion efforts are progressing.


Styrofoam Ban – Create a team of economics and management science students are working with UCSD businesses who currently use Styrofoam containers to create and implement a business plan and transition strategy to eliminate the use of Styrofoam in all UCSD enterprises.

Check out more information here.

A Tree Speaking Carbon – Increase awareness about the global climate crisis, compile and create a set of audio clips that address the pressing climate change issue and the outcome of the talks at Copenhagen to be played on the UCSD Stuart Collection’s talking tree.

Clean Energy- Divest Fossil Fuels