Hello Affiliates!

Are you interested in attending California Student Sustainability Coalition’s Spring Convergence?

You’re invited to the California Student Sustainability Coalition’s Spring Convergence at UC Berkeley!

Come join hundreds of student leaders from across the state to network, learn, and have fun!

The event will play host to a series of inspiring keynote speakers, dynamic panels and stellar workshops.

Join young leaders from UCs, CSUs, CCCs and private schools to take part in a weekend of activities focused around leadership development, environmental education, and social networking.

Our keynote speakers and panelists include Crystal Lameman, Garth Lenz, Shannon Biggs, Tarek Zohdi, Ashel Elridge, Nolan Pack, Yoni Landau, Jamie Henn, and Laura Nader.

Every Convergence has a theme, and this Spring Convergence, our team at UC Berkeley has chosen to focus on the three “In’s”:

Innovation: The application of creativity and knowledge to address a problem that needs a new solution.

Inspiration: At the core of innovation there are inspired individuals who recognize that real change starts within. They see possibilities behind obstacles and take action on their shared values.

Investment: The power to devote resources-money,commitment,wisdom- to inspire innovation, in ways, which shape a sustainable and ethical future for generations to come.

Register: http://www.sustainabilitycoalition.org/spring-2013-convergence-2/submit-your-information

Early bird registration is $20 for non-Berkeley students, $30 for community members, and free for all Berkeley students.

Submit a workshop proposal (if accepted, you will get into the conference for free): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LPC5K63L8ftYrbwpgEzZKn4MtUIpPqfNpdEUT0KjKxQ/viewform?sid=7092936a1f35419a&token=mLaeXD0BAAA.cA2HvyYQ-Zw4bXJvz8L0Sg.1NH_aeiTat4DQrhiGWJmSw&pli=1

Apply for a scholarship: http://www.sustainabilitycoalition.org/spring-2013-convergence-2/apply-for-a-scholarship

Want to learn more about California’s Student Sustainability Efforts?

Here is the link to the facebook event:


If you are planning on attending, fill out this google doc:


AND if you have more questions, feel free to message/email us!

It is an awesome experience and we would love everyone to come out!