Human Rights Month: May/April – We will organize a month of events bringing attention to the overlap between environmental and social problems in the world and effective actions students can take to address these issues. See the schedule.

Fair Trade Policy Campaign – Combining over five years of initiatives to increase the quantity of Fair Trade Products on our campus, the SSC Project on Fair Trade in concert  with One Earth One Justice at UCSD has finally succeeded at developing the strongest Fair Trade product policy for a university in the USA. After the policy is signed in May, every drop of coffee, tea and much if the sugar, rice, bananas etc will be fair trade certified. This work has garnered the support of the Chancellor and University dining administrators across California. Learn more.

Sweatshop Labor Policy –Working with the UCSD Bookstore and University Centers Administration members of the SSC, along with allied organizations, succeeded at working with the admin for the non-renewal of contracts with companies that were using sweatshop labor. Today, our members are working on getting a non sweatshop labour standard worked into the Charter for University Centers administration which would guarantee future products sold at the university will be sweatshop labor free.