THESE ARE PAID POSITIONS!  Stipends range from $40-$120/week.
Application can be found here:

Description: The Student Sustainability Collective functions as a student-managed subset of the Sustainability Resource Center. The Sustainability Resource Center consists of three general spaces: the Student Sustainability Collective, the Sustainability Coordinator offices, and public outreach space. The Collective provides a space for the community to engage the university into proactive change for sustainability through programming, events, outreach, resources, support, and community.

Mission Statement: The UC San Diego Student Sustainability Collective is an open space that is dedicated to serving the university community in the area of sustainability by providing resources, support, and space to foster an active culture of responsibility for sustainability on campus and in the community. The Student Sustainability Collective at the SRC furthers these goals by strategies that are geared towards student empowerment and learning opportunities.

The following positions are open:
  • 7 Directors
  • 3 Assistant Directors of Intersectionality
  • 3 Organizational Coordinators
  • 1 TGIF Director


  • Shall implement programs of the SRC
  • Shall provides support for administrative needs of the center
  • Shall attend staff meetings and board meetings
  • Shall assist in the daily operations of the SRC
  • Shall help maintain the SRC
  • Shall maintain a team of interns
  • Shall develop initiatives and campaigns

Assistant Directors of Intersectionality

  • Build and maintain relationships with campus organizations and resource centers
  • Coordinate between 2-3 categories of the SSC
    • Food Policy
    • Water Policy
    • Corporate Accountability
    • Public Health
    • Urban Development and Transportation
    • Energy and Waste
    • Civil and Human Rights
  • Assist directors with projects and campaigns

Organizational Coordinators

  • Website Coordinator
    • Updates and maintains SSC website and Event Calendar
    • Creates up to date content
    • Must be proficient with WordPress
  • Grassroots Outreach Coordinator
    • Design and distribute promotional materials
    • Compiles and manages biweekly newsletter
    • Must submit portfolio samples
  • Administrative Coordinator
    • Coordinates schedule of student space
    • Takes minutes during staff meetings

TGIF Director

  • Chairs TGIF committee
  • Organizes two fundings cycles each year
  • Advertises grant to UCSD campus