Applications for Assistant Directors of Intersectionality are up!

The goal of the SSC Assistant Director program is to provide an opportunity for students to take leadership roles in sustainability as well as effectively serve the campus community by facilitating and aiding access to educational and professional skills development opportunities. Fostering and implementing student-led projects are key to the Student Sustainability Collective’s mission to serve the community. The Student Sustainability Collective is a space where you will be able to cultivate skills and knowledge that will enhance and support your academic experiences at UCSD.

As an Assistant Director for the Collective you will be able to explore new ways of engaging with the community in an effort to advance the goal of achieving a more just, equitable, green, and overall sustainable society through successful partnerships to achieve high quality, innovative sustainability programs for the campus community.

Assistant Directors of Intersectionality will focus on two or more of the seven Director categories (Public Health, Energy and Waste, Civil and Human Rights, Corporate Accountability, Food, Water Policy, Transportation and Urban Development).

Click the link below to get the application:

SSC Assistant Director of Intersectionality Application

Deadline to apply is by 5pm on Monday, November 1st. Please send completed application to