Michael is a 5th year majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Environmental Studies.

Q: Why are you passionate about sustainability?

My passion for sustainability stems from my love for people, the environment, and to preserve our planet and leave it in a much healthier form for future generations. I am involved with a variety of organizations on campus that focus on sustainability, I am conducting research in optimizing the efficiency of solar cells through defect engineering, and I have an internship in researching new sustainability technologies.

Q: What are some habits you have to promote sustainability?

Almost every aspect of my daily life incorporates sustainability practices in an attempt to neutralize my Carbon Footprint. Every Sunday I meal prep all of my breakfast burritos and lunches for the week and store and transport food in Tupperware containers and my reusable lunch bag. I utilize my HydroFlask and protein cup for all of the liquids that I drink. I bike to school everyday and only use my car once a week to go grocery and supplies shopping. One of the newest practices I’ve taken on is bringing a towel to school with me everyday to dry my hands instead of using paper towels. Sustainability practices may initially seem difficult, it has taken me a long time to get to this point. The best way to implement sustainability practices into your daily life is to adjust one of your routines for a few weeks until it becomes a habit. Work on one thing at a time, don’t overdo yourself with trying to drastically change your life and routine; remember why you’re doing this change and you’ll definitely increase your passion for sustainability and your desire to continue making your daily life more sustainable. P.S. Buy yourself a good quality reusable bottle and quit using single-use plastic bottles (easiest habit to implement)

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