14488822_10211039197954707_1982510002_oHannah is a 4th year majoring inĀ Human Biology and minoring in Global Health.

Q: Why are you passionate about sustainability?

The earth is so giving. It is such a beautiful place and has given its inhabitants a multitude of resources. Unfortunately, we have taken advantage of the richness and over the past couple of years I’ve come to learn how everything is connected. The degradation of the earth, community health, and social justice are so closely tied together – it has become a passion of mine to live more mindfully to preserve both our earth and its inhabitants.

Q: What are some habits you have that promote sustainability?

I eat consciously – fueled 100% by plants like the elephants and Brachiosaurus. I also always bring a reusable water bottle, hot beverage container, or tupperware everywhere I go. Most places are super accommodating and often times offer discounts when I do this – save money and decrease waste!

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