Bryant is a 2nd year studying Marine Biology.

Q: Why are you passionate about sustainability?

My passion for sustainability stems from my love of the natural world. As a kid, I loved reading books about the ocean, as well as going to aquariums and zoos. As I grew older, I began to spend more time out in nature. Some of my favorite activities, like hiking and tidepooling help fuel my interest in the natural world. I deeply cherish these places, and I think it follows that I want to protect what I love. Realizing that we face big challenges like climate change, sustainable resource management, and plastic pollution made me want to participate in finding and implementing solutions.

Q: What are some habits you have that promote sustainability?

Besides not using a car and biking everywhere I can, I mostly try to change my behavior in small, subtle ways. Some of these habits include using a reusable water bottle, using bamboo utensils (to cut down on single use plastic), and refraining from using a straw at restaurants.