In 2007 a group of students created the Social and Environmental Sustainability Committee to foster discussion between different organizations that address the multi-faceted ideas behind sustainability.  A year later, the students drafted the first proposal for the Sustainability Resource Center and submitted it to the administration.  Later that year, the University Centers Advisory Board allocated space for the SRC and the administration agreed to fund the construction of the space.  To compliment the SRC, students pitched the idea of a referendum to fund sustainability projects on campus, including The Green Initiative Fund, and the Student Sustainability Collective, which passed in January of 2009.  Finally, in November of 2009, the SRC opened its doors to the university community with the first group of SSC directors in place.

The Student Sustainability Collective (SSC) functions as a student-managed subset of the Sustainability Resource Center (SRC), providing a space for the community to institutionalize sustainability at the university. The SSC emphasizes community, collaboration, and empowerment to foster a culture of responsibility and to ensure a sustainable future. Understanding the intersection of environmental, social, political, and economic factors, the SSC strives for a multi-faceted approach to sustainability.

Many thanks to our founders: June Reyes, Michelle Kizner, Fran Avendano, Jessica Wall, Chris Westling, Rishi Gosh and Yuki Murakami